Has anyone starting nesting or have done it and went into labor a couple days or maybe a week or 2 after? I didn’t know this was one of the signs that labor is near. I’m 35+5 and out of nowhere I wanted to fold clothes that had been sitting in my basket for months also I went and clean my back porch off I knew then something wasn’t right then I started researching and ran across nesting.
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I started nesting weeks ago, I'm now 38&5 and still no sign of baby. 🙃

I nested WAY more with my first 2, I nested a little with this baby, but at about 6-7 months along. I didn't know it was a sign of labor though.

@LittleMrsStevens thank you. Yes I’m a FTM and I thought it wasn’t real lol I woke up and thought something felt off and cleaned literally everything and went to work, had some pains (didn’t know they were contractions), and then around 12:15am Friday I laid in bed and felt a pop and my water had broke. Had her at 7:40am Friday. It was crazy.

Both my pregnancies I nested for about 3 days roughly 6 months into my pregnancy. Gave birth to both at 37w6d

For me nesting happened before the end by almost 3 weeks, I think it’s while you still can move a bit and have some energy

@K 🤍 omg really congratulations I never knew this was something real this is like my first time hearing about nesting

I went into nesting mode on a Thursday morning, went to work, and then my water broke at midnight Friday at 39+3

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