My LO has not opened their bowels since Sunday and normally goes 3-4times a day. They’re on infant gaviscon which i know causes constipation so am not giving them the full dose but now he is refusing feeds and still not opening his bowels Any recommendation? Normally on kendamil but i have some cow and gate constipation i can try?
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We use lactulose per GP advice but we also give cooled boiled water. Both work 😊

Warm bath and stomach massage is good x

I had lactulose for my baby and it works great

My little girl hadn’t gone for 7 days, we took her to the Dr today who advised to try cooled boiled water or pure fresh orange juice (only very small amounts of both between feeds) and if they didn’t work then she prescribed some laxatives. Thankfully she’s gone without needing any but we have been giving her warm baths everyday (enough to cover her tummy) lots of bicycles, foot relexogy and tummy massage x

We were prescribed lactulose for our little boy as he’s on anti reflux formula which was causing constipation and it works a treat! We were also prescribed omeprazole rather than gaviscon because of his issues with constipation so it could be worth asking if you could try that as an alternative, we’ve had no constipation issues since. Hope your little one feels better soon x

Give you baby gripe water that usually works

Try a foot and tummy massage. Babies have a pressure point on their feet which helps get their bowels moving, when my boy gets constipated I give him a foot massage and he poops within half an hour x

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