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Hi. Can anyone relate/ offer advice please? My little boy is 8 weeks now, he was 9lbs 15 at birth born on the 98th percentile… at his 6-8 week review, he gained weight dropped and was 12lbs 6oz but dropped to the 91st percentile so I had him weighed again today and he is now 13lbs 8oz, so he’s gaining weight but he may have dropped slightly below the 91st percentile. Which may require an appointment with the GP… He’s having 6oz every 4 hours during the day and usually has 5x6oz bottles in 24 hours, seems satisfied and is alert and happy when he’s awake. The health visitor recommended upping his feed to 7oz each bottle, or giving him 6oz every 3 hours and also waking him during the night. I’m so confused because he’s happy and healthy, doesn’t seem hungry between bottles he’s satisfied by his 6oz feed. He’s gaining weight and the health visitor even told me this is normal for bigger babies, but I’m starting to panic now she’s mentioned a Gp appointment. Baby is formula fed, on cow & gate.
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@Liz thank you! The HV rang me back today saying turns out there is nothing to worry about and no further monitoring needed!

Honestly I’m going through this but on the 9th centile, my boy is happy, smiling, having loads of milk, wet/dirty nappies etc and has been seen by a paediatrician. However sometimes he doesn’t fit their ‘weight tick boxes’ so they have to interfere, humans are different, babies especially. I empathise but the more I see the more I realise we (as mothers) are all being treated the same.

I’m currently going though same thing with my 9 week old baby, born 7lb 8.5oz and got weighted yesterday 10lb 8oz. She has dropped from the 50th to the 25th percentile. She drinks 4/5oz every 4/5 hours. My baby suffers from reflux so they think it’s due to this plus she’s not had the best 9 weeks the poor thing with having infections. But they don’t seem too concerned about my baby weight gain xx

I was told that this is normal with big babies. (My daughter had a similar trajectory, and we had to do additional weight checks in her first month of life, because it took her longer than expected to get back up to birth weight. I also had to pump so as to offer her 1-2 extra ounces for every feed. We just had her 4 month check yesterday, and she’s growing well in terms of height and weight). Your lo seems to be growing in a healthy manner too. Hopefully by following her recommendation for one extra ounce and decreasing the duration between feedings (to increase the number of feedings overall), you’ll see expected progress. However, it doesn’t seem too concerning at the moment. Hope that everything works out! I trust that it will.

From what I’ve heard HV advice varies massively. I suspect they look to monitor more if there is a two percentile drop so that may be where some of the advice is coming from. My LO lost 10% of his birth weight and whilst he’s gained it back he dropped a percentile after his 8 wk check so we’ve got an additional weight check before Xmas.

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