C-section scar healing

Those who have already had a c-section, did you use any form of healing pad over your scar or just let it do it’s thing? #Pregnancy34Weeks
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I had a c-section 5 years ago and I didn’t use anything, just let it do it’s thing and everything healed as it should. I shall be having another c-section in January and shall be doing the same again. Not sure if they help to heal any better/quicker but had no issues without using anything 🙂

I had a c section at the end of July. I let it heal on its own until 8 weeks post c section. I then used the freida mum c section silicone strips. You were them for 6 weeks £20/£25 from boots/amazon. They really helped me by making it more comfortable. My scar does look better but I was more bothered about keloid scars than the actual colour. I’d recommend them and even thought about buying more x

@Laura thank you x

@Helen thank you- did they recommend waiting until that stage to start using them? X

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