Does anyone else’s childs nursery not let parents enter the building?

My little ones nursery does not allow parents to enter the building under any circumstances, the child is collected at the door and brought to the door at drop off and pick up, just wondering if this is the norm now for nurseries? I know it was probably implemented during Covid but it seems odd to still be doing it now, what could the reason be?
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Mines in Plymstock and we’re not allowed in either.

We are at tops Prince rock and we aren’t aloud in either

The nursery my son is at, is the same drop off & pick up at the door. I think it helps to certain degree with children that find it difficult maybe. Xx

No, my daughter moved nurseries & they did this not allowed in.. she lasted 2 weeks til I moved her back to her old one (only moved due to distance anyway) we have free reign of her current nursery! it was tops devonport she lasted 2 weeks at I didn’t like not knowing where she was going etc

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