Do you believe in relationship breaks?

My boyfriend wants us to have a break but personally I don’t and haven’t ever believed in them. What are you’re personal experiences or beliefs?
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In my experience men want a break when they realize they feel the urge to sleep around for a bit but at the same time they don‘t wanna cheat on you AND know they can come back once they have enough. In my opinion: Either work through it or leave it. Love is work, not only romance…. If my husband would want a break I‘d show him the door. Because if you‘re not sure of me then you‘re waisting my time and should make space for the man who is for me.


@Brittani I love this. Thank you. I needed it xx

Space and time apart can lend to clarity and a resurgence of the initial reasons you came together. Maybe a “break” would be more comfortable for you if it were reframed as simply some time apart, while your relationship and its boundaries remain in tact during the time apart. Just a suggestion that would personally make me more comfortable ❤️

@Amelia this is a breath of fresh air. As it’s more because we just aren’t getting along. Thank you for this xxx

No imo we either stay together and work on the issue or split up.

I personally don’t agree with the above comments. Me and my now husband had about a 3 month break after being together for a year. We got married 6 months after we got back together and have now been married 3 years and have such an amazing relationship. Sometimes you do need to come apart to realise how much you love and value each other and the things you need to change within yourselves to make the relationship work 🤷🏽‍♀️

I echo the comments above, it's just an excuse to sleep with other people.

No it’s ovsb he will sleep with someone and say he didn’t cheat it was a break

I agree with the above. The only breaks I’ve ever had in relationships have been when the relationship needs to be ended, whether from one or both parties. Might be worth having a serious chat and asking the brutal question of does he want to leave? If he shys away from it, then he needs a really strong answer as to why he wants a break.

No. A break is an green card to cheat or do whatever it is he want to do. Youre either in or you’re out 🤷🏻‍♀️

In my experience a “break” is never just a break. It gives you’re SO an excuse to sleep with other people and not get in trouble. You can set rules for the break such as no seeing other people. From my experience I’ve learned typically when people as for a break they really want to end things but don’t what to hurt you, typically you won’t start again after a break. But just cause that my experience doesn’t mean it will be yours. Maybe he has alot going on that he hasn’t told you about and just needs some time alone to collect himself

Why does he want a break? Is it an excuse to sleep with someone else?. That's what would go through my head

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