Advice please! I don't know what to do

So I jave been pumping milk for baby girl for about 3 weeks and the last few days I'm just struggling to the point I have just pumped an oz in half an hour I used to be able to get 9oz but now it's cut to the 1 oz. I have baby on my chest while I pump, ove tried to use a hot water bottle to warm my boob baby girl needs feeding for 2pm and so far I have a oz. I find myself pumping literally all day so I made sure there is enough fir her next 4oz. I'm so scared when she goes up to 5oz that she won't get the full amount I tried formula woth her and she just throw it up. Any advice? I have just ordered a Hanukkah to try that too. Starting to feel like my body is failing l. I pump everytime she feeds and try to pump in-between her feeds too Please help xx
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Have you had some support with her latch? There’s a great group on facebook that provide a lot of help and can do a latch check if you want x

I think this article may put your mind at ease.

You might need to replace some of your pump parts

Alternatively you can ring the health visitors for more advise, I can only imagine how you feel right now.

@Miracle I tried her on formula and she drank ot absolutely fine however on her last might feed she throws it back up so I stopped and tried breast milk again but iys so slow I'm worried she won't get fed

She never lost any of her birth weight and is gaining lovely, always got a wet nappy, I only pump as she wouldn't latch, I'm still pumping have been for an hour and I have an oz and a half x

Hi, I'm sorry about this, I used to be in this situation and I almost gave up. The GP had to prescribe Domperidone for me. Which helped for the first few days. I make sure to drink lots of water, I eat granola with nuts almost every morning. I make sure she breastfeeds at night and bottle during the day. I also pump every 3 hours. This has been helping. Then again, you can do half breast milk and half formula. Always have in mind that our breasts are rivers not lakes. So it will definitely come. Wishing you all the best.

Are you exclusively pumping? You don’t have to increase volume of Breast milk like you do formula because it’s nutritionally different. How are nappies/weight gain x

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