Anyone else's baby not even attempting to roll over? He also doesn't really put weight on his legs in standing position either, he will for about 2 seconds occasionally I'm not sure if I should be worried about his development? My friend has a baby just a couple of weeks older than him and she's already pulling herself up, standing, crawling etc. I know all babies are different, but I'm not sure when I should be concerned? He is almost 6 months
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My baby is just over 6 months and doesn’t roll, she’s quite happy to lay where she’s left, little lazy girl 😂 x

Mine isn’t but he does make more of an effort to sit up unaided x

My LG is almost 6 months and hasn't rolled over at all yet

My little one is nearly 6 months and old just started to roll over properly. He did it once a few months back but think that was just a fluke. I have a nearly 3 year old and he was around 6 months when he's started rolling but my daughter who is 17months started rolling at 3 months and was crawling and sitting by 6 months. With mine it seems girls are just a little quicker at times with some things development wise but like you say all babies are different. I wouldn't worry about it at the moment but if your concerned contact your health visitor and they'll go through it all with you iswell

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