Double pram help!

I have a 21month old and a 4 month old and in the new year was hoping to get a new pram. I originally thought I could get a single with a seated buggy board but now I’m not so sure. Currently have a bugaboo donkey which I do love it’s so easy to push but it’s such a nightmare to get in and out of the car so was hoping to just have one pram unit which folds by itself no faff. I’m so clueless please help 😅 Also to add I don’t have a huge budget 😬
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Without actually having tried and out and about I appreciate its hard for me to vouch for it, but if you want a buggy for longer walks I'd pick that. As I say, uppa baby is great, but I go to the zoo near me a lot and I know it's lots of hills and walking I don't make the buggy into a double. I take a sling and baby wear one child. If I was In a flat shopping centre or something like that, uppa baby would be fine but it's hard (for me) to push over uneven terrain.

@Harriet another choice I looked at - so tricky as don’t know how much longer my nearly 2 year old will be in it she loves walking but we do like a long walk which is obviously too much for a little one

@Rahima thank you I’ll have a look!

I have an uppa baby vista, and whilst I do love it, with a toddler and a baby I would say it is heavy. Weirdly, it's OK with the carry cot but once it's 2 seats it's heavy to steer. I can't bump it up a curb... And I was In a steep car park and it nearly tipped sideways. Also def doesn't fold as one. You have to take the smaller seat off. I'd get an out and about nippa if you want something that folds as one. Everyone who has one raves about it!

It’s quite compact once folded but the only downside is that it doesn’t have a handle. X I found this video of it being folded

@Rahima what’s it like being folded up? Have seen a few of these for sale but I never see them being folded so unsure if any good!

Heyy, I have the uppa baby vista v2 . I really love it. Both seats can lie flat , there are lots of different configurations too. It’s easy to manoeuvre and it is not heavy either. And the basket is big too. 😅 I actually love it 😂xx

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