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Anyone here on the Facebook car seat pages? I’m getting so confused with it all. I’ve asked on two pages for help but not getting much luck. I just want to buy the best seat suitable for my babe and also one for granny’s car that he’ll use one a week. I saw this first photo so was looking through the list and then saw this second photo (comments) for under 50th centile kids. My LO is 3rd centile for height and 28th for weight. So should I be getting a 125cm seat or 105? Looks like the 105 ones are mostly isofix and spin seats but I thought spin seats are no good after the infant carrier? Please help!
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Just for some clarity, no centiles are not always correct. My eldest was 3rd centile at birth for weigjt and 20th for height. She’s still low weight (due to a genetic condition) but thag same condition is supposed to cause short stature and she’s 75th for height now. So it really does vary. My big baby was 90+ centile for weight and now she’s around the 60 mark! So it really does just depend xx

I've had the Minikid 2 since my little one was 8 months old, I found it pretty simple to install and it should last. My little girl is high centile, 90th for weight and 80th for height. We bought a Joie Stages for my parents to share with my sister. I'm aware she'll grow out of this earlier. But we want to use it to take abroad next year as well and it's easier to take with us

I really struggled with those groups tbh. In the end I went to a baby shop near me & tried him in all the seats and spoke to the stockist. I went for a Cybex Sirona G which is a spin seat and 20kg weight limit x

I’d read it was one of the less bulky seats which is good as I don’t have much space in my car, although apparently can still be tight on space. Also the automatic headrest thing so when you pull the straps tight it automatically goes to the correct place for your babies height. The self tightening tether straps as that seems so much easier for ensuring it’s installed tightly enough. Also I’ve read the shell is slightly longer than others so better for if your baby has a long torso (mine doesn’t atm but good for if she has a growth spurt). Plus will last until she’s probably around 6 (not sure on exact age but she isn’t huge so)

@Jess what made you go for the mini kid 2?

I’d personally go for the higher limit ones just so they can rear face longer especially if they have a growth spurt. We’ve ordered the minikid 2 in bf sales. The joie seats are a good budget friendly option though as a second seat if it’ll only be used once a week!

@Rhiannon I’m 5’2 🙈 but hoping he’ll take after dad😂 okay thanks. Are there ones that are better than others? Like why are some around £200 and some £500? I’m taking it all the seats listed are Swedish plus tested

Ah shit I don't have the boys only girls hahaha. But yeah! So no, they can change at any time really, and like you said if dad is tall and you're say average to above then chances are he will be too. So my girl is already high centile, 91st weight and 75th height, although she looks the other way round 🤣 but I'm 5'5 and dad is 6'2 so she was bound to be taller, but we're not much overweight so the 91st seems hilarious as she's narrow too, but it's cause she carries it well 🤣. In that case I'd go for at least a 25kg/125cm just to cover most bases then xx

@Rhiannon ah I didn’t even notice that the low centiles list is lower weights too. I want to rear face as long as possible. Are predicted centiles always correct? As he’s 3rd for height his predicted adult height is 5ft 6 🙈 his dad is 5’11 so I’d be surprised at that!

I'd go for either! Personally we wanna rear face until our babe maxes out the 36kg and 125cm seats so she'll be 7ish (long legs but torso may catch up). But if you're happy to forward face from 18kg and 105cm then that's up to you, being such low centiles you should get to 5ish which is best (4 minimum is safest, but not a lot of 4 year olds can sit safely with a belt and high backed booster) I'll share the boys centiles for you to look at now. Just be mindful the 18kg seat are often bulky and take up a lot more room, so if small car or big family, they're not ideal then! Xx

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