Did your clog milk duct turn into mastitis?

This is my first time with what I think is a clogged duct and I’m terrified of being sick for Thanksgiving cuz I’m hosting😭. Is there any chance this will go away in its own? (Painful to touch, lump feeling on boob, slightly discolored skin). Pretty mild right now🤞🏻
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I’ve gotten many clogs, mostly from being lazy and skipping a feeding or pump sessions. Massage in a warm steamy shower, pump a lot, get baby to help. I’ve heard partners can do it too but I’ve never had to resort to that. All of mine have come out with a mixture of those things before it ever got to mastitis.

Massage, heat, soak in the tub with Epsom salts, pump pump pump. Get baby to help, get partner to help. Mine turned into mastitis everytime until I finally quit.

I’ve had clogged ducts many times and with massage +/- heat when they’re bad they always go away on their own

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