Baby low down

I'm 26 weeks today and for the past week it seems like she's been low down (kicks super low and feeling a lot heavier lower). Is this normal as my pregnancy app says my uterus has grown to near my rib cage so I expected her to be higher.
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I have the same and my 28 week scan showed that he is breech so could be that? They’ve said it’s nothing to worry about at the moment

Mine were low until about a week ago and I’m 27 weeks. Now she’s all of a sudden giving much stronger movements and really seems to have it in for my organs.

Mines heads down and has been for weeks. I've only just rhe last week or too stated to feel kicks above my belly button, 29 weeks today. But over a week or two, I feel so much pressure on my cervix, more so when i sit on rhw toilet. Fetal medicine has told me it's completely normal

I’d maybe see what your midwife says. It could be similar to me where baby moves up a little later. She’s ALWAYS found laying low down to be comfy for her. On her belly with her head against the top of my cervix. But she has moved recently and I think it’s because she’s finally realised she’ll have more room to move up there. Hopefully your baby will move up pretty soon too🤞

@Lorren I had a scan at 25 weeks and she was in a breech position but it didn't feel as heavy as it does now. I'm not sure if that's just because she's bigger now though

My little one is low too, for most of my pregnancy I've only felt kicks really low down. I very rarely get the odd movement high up near my ribs. Only my last scan (3d) she had her arms and feet above her head so I put it down to everything being low down

I had my 28 week scan yesterday and I sometimes feel them really low down or around my belly button and found out she’s head down so it’s probably her wee hands or arms you can feel down there!

My little girl was super low down until this week, my midwife was even a bit concerned and she has now moved. We had a scan Friday and she was up by my belly button. Have you had your 25/26 week appointment?

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