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I think I’m in a rut and not sure how to play with my baby. It is especially bad on cold snow days or rainy days when we are stuck inside with no car. I feel like somedays all we do is watch Disney and practice crawling and standing. I know all the screen time is bad and it is all we do because I am so lost. I also feel like he is bored or only likes the tv and not me. Can anyone help with ideas? And how do I get the tv out of our life?
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My son definitely has times when he wants to play alone so I let him but just stay close by just in case :)

@Lindsey it definitely helps. Already today has felt so much better like I can actually engage with him. He still seems like he is not interested in me but maybe that will pass.

It’s nothing fancy but it’s a start :)

@Lindsey thank you

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