Nausea/sickness increased

Hi everyone, I’ve seen a lot of posts recently saying how symptoms are lessening as they head towards 12 weeks. Mine seem to be getting a lot worse. I’ve had constant nausea and a bit of sickness since 5 weeks but now I’m being sick several times a day and can’t keep anything down (even water). Just wondering if anyone else’s symptoms seems to be getting worse rather than improving? Xx
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Everyone’s body is different so every pregnancy is different. I am about 11 weeks and still feels like 5 weeks pregnant. Nausea and sickness from time to time. Just 2 days ago my husband cooked burgers and as soon as I walk in the kitchen I had to run to the bathroom as the smell made me sick 😳 This is my 4th baby and every time is different 🫠

Mine are worsening and I'm 11 weeks 1 day, the gagging has increased and nausea has increased, also the dizziness has gotten worse! 🥲 it could be the hormonal peak that happens in the 1st trimester usually happens 9-12 weeks where symptoms worsen because the hormone levels are at their highest, I definitely feel more hormonal as well like crying more and I have the rage 😅😅 hope this helps 🩷

Mine peaked between 11w and 12w2d, it really ramped up and was stressing me out - since then had 3 days feeling more like myself again 🤞🏻 hopefully you have a similar experience!

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