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Has anyone changed their little ones from a cot to a toddler bed yet? My little girl is nearly 19 months old. But I am on holiday and she has learnt to climb out of her cot. So she's currently on a mattress on the floor. Just to make it safe for her as I didn't want her climbing out in the middle of the night. She slept through the night on the mattress and didn't fall out. But now going home I am considering doing the toddler bed swap for safety. Has anyone else already done this and how do you find it? I wanted to wait until she was two and a half. But as usual she had other ideas.
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I moved my boy into a floor bed a few months ago and it's the best thing ever x

We have a lower bed but have one side against the wall & use a “cuggl pink bed rail” as she’s an active sleeper x

We took the side off the cot and bought a bed guard. He can still climb out as there’s a gap but he sleeps fine. It was an adjustment but glad I did it as it’s closer to a normal single bed x

We’re already in a toddler bed and have been for about 4 months now. It’s worked really well for us x

we have a floor bed and it works great for us x

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