Hey all, Just wanted to check what your doctors did following on from you calling them initially. when I called my doctors over a week ago to tell them I was pregnant they never got me in to do a blood test and just sent me the self referral form. Wanted to check if this was standard practice as I was under the impression that they did a blood test to confirm and then referred. Just feel like I’ve been left in the dark a little.
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You have to self refer to the hospital and midwife will call you at around 8-10 weeks to book an appointment. I’m your first appointment (it’s gonna be a long one) they’ll ask you loads of questions and will do blood and urine tests

Midwife will do yours bloods GP has no input in your pregnancy unless they’re needed for something in particular x

Hi Emily, I called my docs about 3 weeks ago. They booked to call me back on Friday this week, then believe they refer me to midwife. So doesn’t sound like I’m having any tests by them before midwife referral either as only having telephone consultation on Friday xx

Doctors do nothing anymore, I don't even bother registering my pregnancy with them. They are rude and just always say you don't tell us just self refer online. The midwives do everything, they even make doctors ring you and give you prescriptions if you need them

When I rang my doctors they booked me in for a midwife appointment when I’ll be 8 weeks xx

I rang mine and they just booked me in for my first midwife appointment which I will have in 2 weeks time

If they're unable to take blood (like me today) they'll refer you to a phlebotomy unit too

Blood test will done with booking appointment with the midwives at 8-10 weeks❤️

@Emily most likely you’ll have a blood and urine test at your booking appointment with the midwife (at least that’s how it works with the hospital I’m registered at)

I didn't call the doctors but self referred to midwives straightaway. Where I live in Dorset, they book you in for a blood test for screening in 8-9 weeks time. Then you have your first scan at 12 weeks.

@Diana ok thank you just wanted to check! Did your doctors get you in for a blood test?

I think it’s standard practice now to self refer. That’s what I did with both of my pregnancies

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