Trace of blood in urine

Really worried I have just been to my 30 week midwife appointment and they found a trace of blood in my urine. Is this something to be worried about? They're sending it off to the lab for testing. Stupidly googled it, not I am really worried. Has anyone else experienced this?
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I've had this but no infection found. The kidneys work differently and it's easier to have blood and protein show up when pregnant as a result

@Bex I've just left the midwife appointment. They've sent my sample off for testing so nothing they can tell me until the results come back

Good to give your midwife a call. It sounds like potentially a UTI, which is common in pregnancy :)

Hi there! I know it's scary when things like this come up - but sit tight! A urine culture doesn't normally take too long once sent off to the lab. The drs will advise you accordingly into what you should do next. It could be the start of a UTI or could even be a bit of irritation down below. Google is always a bit scary 🙈 If you become more worried or have any symptoms appear just give your midwife a call - I'm sure they would be happy to help you. Hopefully they get you sorted out soon! x

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