I didn't know about hot showers or hot baths were bad. Now I'm panicking thinking that I may have hurt my baby 😢😭

I don't really have hot baths anyway and I'm aware we are not supposed to use jacuzzis or saunas. But I'm now panicking that my showers have been too hot so far ? Which I don't think so but there's always that doubt that I might be harming my baby..
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I feel like showers aren’t as bad because you’re not submerged in hot water so less likely to overheat! I wouldn’t panic I’m sure the baby is fine x

My understanding is that it’s not at all harmful for the baby you just have to be careful of raising your body temperature too much as you can be susceptible to fainting!

I have hot (& i mean hot my fella thinks I’ve risen from hell) showers and always have, I assumed it was just baths 😂😅 and I don’t like baths (not to keep clean anyway) but I bought a thermometer for when I had baths … not showers! whoops. 😬

It's mainly the first trimester that it's an issue, after that you can use hot tubs and have warm baths as long as you know your limits and don't overheat. Don't be worried about it, you won't have done any harm in a warm shower

Honestly I had the doubt at first! But run it by your midwife if you’re worried ! I just have warm showers/baths and my baby is still kicking away and doing really well ! Don’t stress yourself ❤️ as long as they’re not piping hot, you should be okay xx

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