Let’s share our stories about our pets response to our babies!

Throughout my pregnancy I was very worried about how my cat, Pickles, would react to us bringing home my son. She’s 13 years old and we have a super close bond, she’s my best friend haha. She is very snuggly and affectionate with me and my husband (I’m her favorite), but no one else. She doesn’t like loud sounds and when other kids/babies have been around she immediately hides. We were so scared she’d start hiding all the time. I was so overjoyed when it was the opposite! From the day we brought him home she hasn’t left my side. She has a weirdly high tolerance for his crying. He’ll be screaming and she’ll walk right over! 😂 Even right now I’m contact napping with my LO on my chest she is on my lap. We think she just loves me so much that she tolerates him. She mainly ignores him. She will sometimes sniff him and she definitely has not given him her scent yet. We’re hoping as he gets older she can also bond more directly with him. But I’m just so glad she hasn’t changed her routine with me. How are your pets doing with your babies? Anyone have a cat who actively snuggles and is affectionate with their baby? 🥰
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@cici ah I feel bad for your husband! He’s a glutton for disappointment 🤎🧡 lol! 😆

@Hannah ha! we aren’t from ohio. my husband just took to the browns one day and didn’t stop believing in them 😂

@cici nice Browns hat! I’m originally from Cleveland. And yeah I was so shocked that my cat doesn’t really even seem the crying unless it gets extreme!

@Beth my husband is so obsessed with Goldens! I had to show him your pics, he’s so jealous!

@Beth my parents have a golden male and he looooves the baby. They are so sweet with littles.

We have two kitties! They’re mostly indifferent to him, but they’ve started warming up more. They’ll jump on our lap when we’re feeding him. Our female cat even sleeps in the nursery on his rocking chair while he sleeps at night 🥲 I’m hopeful that as he gets a little older, they’ll like him even more.

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