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Labouring mums… anyone started their hospital bag yet and what have you put in it? I’m a huge over packer and I really can’t be assed stressing about it. So if anyone has a fool proof list, that would be super handy. I need it ready by Christmas and I just can’t engage my brain 🤣
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@Amy love your list and how organised you are xx

I was in 10 days with my first the last 2 days I had my laptop so I've packed my tablet this time

Honestly when I gave birth to my first in December just gone I packed every thing and the only thing I actually used was my fan and obviously the baby stuff! 🤣🤣 I’m due again in feb and not taking loads as I just didn’t use it! I’d deffo recommend a fan and charger and spritz for bitz tho if you’re having a natural birth! Those were my lifesavers xx

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