Gestational diabetes

30w today, yesterday I was told I need to give myself shots on insulin every night, do to having high (fasting) blood sugars. Not thrilled but anything to keep baby healthy. Was also told by 36w my doc will be deciding if delivery will happen at 37w, 38w or 39w, this whole Gestational diabetes have broke me.. it's all I can think about. Did any mama's have there bean early? Is so how'd it go?....
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I hear you. I was diagnosed with GD too at 29w and from there on it was a very stressful pregnancy. I was able to control my blood sugar levels with diet and walking so lucky no insulin. But it was a tough ride up until 36 weeks. I was scheduled for IOL at 38 weeks.

I'm a type 1 my first was earlish due to pre-eclampsia nothing to do with diabetes. Could be because your dating are high but normally I'm told the long acting insulin is better during the day to counter act the food and things you do plus this way you can know if your sugar drops etc. The feeling of low blood sugar is no joke. Keep a drink and snack by your bed just in case. They also tell moms early because the if your levels aren't controlled the baby could be big all my babies were normal sizes around 6lbs

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