Baby Bjorn bouncer - worth it?

Is the bouncer worth it? Don’t want to spend a lot of money on something baby might not like, is there an equivalent on the market?
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We used ours pretty much daily so I would definitely say it’s worth it. We got given it by a family member, I would say check out Vinted or FBMP to see if you can get one second hand. If you don’t like the thought of second hand you could always buy a new cover

Which one is the better? I know they do a mini or something?

I got mine brand new in a box off vinted. Everyone told me it was a must! X

It was recommended to me by a friend who said baby loved it and it was one of their Top 5 most used items. Buying one second hand.

We got one on Facebook marketplace for my first and used it sooo much one of our most used items. We kept it for this time round. So easy to throw in the wash when they have there poo explosions too!! X

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