I have no one to talk to

I am married to my husband 6 years ago. The first 2 years I was still at university and we lived in the same town as my in laws. we visited them every weekend they were nice we have a good relationship alhamdulillah. My parents are in a different town we went there once a month and it didn't bother me cauz I don'tget along with them that much. We moved to a different country away from all relatives. We have 2 kids 2 years old and a 6months old. My SIL family and MIL will move next to us too around feb2024 my MIL will live with us probably and I am stressed about that because so far we had a good relashionship not friends but we make the effort to only act good in front of eachother. I am most of the time stressed and screaming at the kids, lack of sleep, small arguments with husband (normal life) and I don't want my in laws to see me that way.. Also since covid 19 and having kids my social life sucks I have 0 friends, I tried many times to meet some women via this app they just don't respond when I send the message that I want a meet up. My sisters are in a different country they meet with eachother and I feel I am jealous. Even with my husband we barely find time to discuss some home related topics we never have time to get intimate, the weekends are KOs.. I feel lonely, stressed, maybe depressed I don't really know what makes me happy... I don't recognize the new me (before vs after) having the kids.. I am still fat from the first pregnancy I don't have time to got to the gym. I cook I clean I do laundry I stay up at night if baby cries. Mr never offer to help with the baby, he barely touch him once a day he always work overtime in the early morning, he takes care of the biggest kid too. I even don't know how to end this post..
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Salaam sis where do you live?

If you are in the UK there is a lot of help available x

@Kismet Canada

In the same boat as you sis💕

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