Nesting Pods for newborns.

Can anyone suggest any brands of nesting pods that are good and SIDS safe? The sleepyhead deluxe pod is like £200 and that’s seems quite excessive!!
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@Juliana I use a sleep bag nothing else x

So, what sleep configuration are you all ladies using for overnight sleep?

I have also read mixed reviews on whether the purflo is safe for overnight sleeping - just to clarify, I don’t plan on using it for that. I just bought the purflo over the dockatot for daytime, as it’s obviously the safer option out of the two x

I hear they are not safe either

I also read none are safe for overnight sleep hun. I used the dockatot but to my surprise only a handful of times and my little one didn’t really like it. I’m selling mine if you are interested.

I’ll save you the hassle any company saying this are safe they are not if you go on lullaby trust it tells you on there they are the sids experts :)

I got my purflo brand new off Vinted for £40 so it’s worth checking if anyone is selling on there x

@Ellie apparently the purflo one they can.

Aren't they all not safe for sleep? I let my son sleep in them whilst I was always watching but never overnight!

Purflo is the only one I’ve found, and they were at a baby show I attended recently that stated they were fully approved 🤷🏼‍♀️ expensive though. Looking at about the same, £200 unless you can find a deal. They were £115 at the baby show

U can get them second hand on Facebook

Apparently the purflo is sleep safe. My friend has one. I was looking into it.

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