What do you SAHMs do with your toddler all day? Mine has a short attention span, doesn’t have any interest in coloring, sometimes when I read to her she just runs away as soon as I start or flips the pages so fast that it isn’t beneficial, I try to get her to help me pull stuff from the drier/chords but she runs away after 1 second… we stack blocks, sing songs, play bubbles, go on walks, she’s super independent and plays with toys herself for a bit until she gets upset. I tried to make home made play dough and she didn’t have any interest. I just need more ideas… screen time is becoming too much. Disclaimer - she may be on the spectrum - we are in speech (not talking yet) and OT and on a wait list for a developmental pediatrician.
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While I’m not a stay at home mom. My MIL watches my daughter and takes her to story time at the library (free), toddler time classes at the local community center (free - classes like dance and movement, lawn games, STEM), and found a local class called messy play ($10/kid) where they have different stations for kids to explore and get their hands messy. Our local trampoline park also does a toddler morning where the whole things is open to only toddlers. Last week they had a Disney princess read books to the kids.

My daughter is 3 now and is still often that way. She was an early talker, but her attention span has never been very long. Her response to books and other activities sounds just like yours. Story times at the library don't work because she literally cannot sit still and quiet. Books only work at bedtime. Painting and coloring only work for so long. The activities that have always held her attention have involved building. Megablocks basically saved my sanity. And you can often find some at thrift stores and yard sales. Now that she is a little older, her attention can be held with play doh as well (until she starts eating it). And once her imagination started expanding, she started making up her own games. I don't know how you feel about screen time, but superhero preschool shows are her other focus and have fueled a lot of her story telling and playtime shenanigans

@Melissa putting megabocks in my Amazon cart now lol thank you!! Glad to hear I’m not alone!

@Katie we believe my daughter has ADHD but her pediatrician doesn't want to test until she's in a preschool setting next year. Finding a couple focus interests has been the best thing ever. She's obsessed with building, construction and rescue vehicles, and superheroes. Every other toy and game she plays tends to connect to those and they all connect together. The Megablocks were kind of what allowed her to start *showing* what she was interested in. We watched what she built and it was always garages and ramps and now tunnels. I hope you're able to find what keeps your baby occupied and happy

My baby is just like that. She learned to walk at 9mo and since then she never ever stops. She’s hyperactive, zero attention span, climbs windows and countertops and if we sit to do something she just gets distracted in one second. Can’t even read one word from a book before she starts running around Rarrring at me lmao. :D For the record most of the people in our family are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and I can see so many similarities between how her dad acts and her even that she’s small. I look at the other kids and they’re all calm and quiet while mine is a tornado. She likes drawing but only if I’m drawing her things to color or actively interacting with her like telling her to draw eyes on a pumpkin or showing her to press a leaf dipped in paint to the paper as she likes to copy me. She likes to follow instructions, but I find myself repeating a lot sometimes to get her attention to get her to do what she has to.

I would like into Montessori toys (climbing things and kitchens etc) and try to not lead the play too much and let her figure it out. Mine hates reading too but will spend 30 minutes with his soft climbing pillows with me just watching and interacting with him

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