Am I in the wrong

My LO is nearly 8 months old and he's at the stage where he is being very fussy and his sleep is a mess at times. We live at home with my parents. They have been a huge help but at times, they try to tell me how to do things with my LO. Now I appreciate their help and advice but I do like to do things my own way. My mum likes to tell me how to dress him at times and how to feed him. But then theres his sleep. I want to do sleep training my way but my mum refuses. My boyfriend stays over alot and he's pretty much lived with us for a few weeks now. He has no trouble feeding, changing my Lo and even helps me get him to sleep so I know I can trust him alone with him but on occasions my parents don't like that he does these things for me if I'm stressed or busy. I'm so stressed and can't wait to get my own place
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Best of luck 🍀

@Dona I'm planning on it but currently saving up whilst sorting christmas

You're not in the wrong. It's difficult to live with the grandparents. Yes, they help but they also try to do things their own way which can be quite annoying and sometimes they don't realise it because 'they just wanted to help'. Best thing is to live separately.

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