Raspberry leaf tea

Is anyone having their second baby? So a friend told me she drank raspberry leaf tea with both her pregnancies and I’ve read up about it and it says it’s good for strengthening the uterus for labour and to start drinking it after 32 weeks and I’m 32 weeks today. Has anyone else tried it?
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I had the capsules last time and don’t think they done much - my labour was 24 hours active and 3 days slow before that - so clearly they didn’t work for me 😅. I’ve went for the hot tea mama this time though as it’s worth a go

I’ve tried that in both of my pregnancies (this is my third) and honestly noticed no difference. The taste is vile as well 🤮

Thank you ladies 😊 I didn’t drink it with my 1st pregnancy but the labour was 5 hours long from start to finish and gave birth Vaginally. But this baby the consultant thinks this baby will be on the big side at birth so I thought I would try it.

I drank this in my first pregnancy for weeks and weeks and nothing. I ended up two weeks over.. I doubt I’ll drink it this time because I’m not allowed a long labour and I have to be induced early anyway.

Yep! Tried it and it worked for me. With my first pregnancy, I drank it from 20-something weeks. Gave birth naturally in the birth centre. Labour was 3hrs from start to finish. Definitely made those contractions intense but did the job!

I bought some today, I'm 34+4 and being induced at 39, thought I'd give this ago x

I'm coming 33 weeks and keep meaning to buy it! 🙈 Never had it in my first pregnancy but my friend has drank it with her 2 and had good short labours. And is pregnant again and drinking it

I’m just about to try my first cup! 32 weeks yesterday x

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