Pregnant after miscarriage

How did you deal with your anxiety of being pregnant after MMC. I am only 4-5 weeks pregnant and can't seem to get myself to think about the pregnancy. I am taking my vitamins but after a loss at 13 weeks I feel like I don't want to accept I'm pregnant till I get to week 13. It feels like such a long wait. I also don't have any symptoms which normally I would worry about but i just feel really numb
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I'm going to be honest i didn't stop worrying until my son was born, I felt better once I knew he could survive if he was born but then we had horrible news and my pregnancy became super high risk etc, I regret that I didn't let myself enjoy very much of our pregnancy at all. Every pregnancy is different just remind yourself that and your baby is in the safest place it can be, be kind to yourself, I paid for a lot of extra scans to try keep myself from worrying at the start. It does get better though especially when you 'feel' pregnant 😊 When they start wriggling it's magical they can reassure you themselves then xx

This was me tbh.. I have had 3 MC and now I’m 14 weeks pregnant and it took me a while to ig come to terms with the fact that this is happening, that this is real. And even at 14 weeks I still worry about losing her. But believe me mama it gets easier x

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