Any other moms get scared when their symptoms are mild ? Like something is wrong with the baby or something. Currently 8 weeks and 3 days and my symptoms have been mild so scared somethings wrong
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YES! With my first pregnancy I had actually strong symptoms at first and then at week 9 they disappeared overnight and I woke up not feeling pregnant at all!! Until the ultrasound I was crying every day because I thought something is wrong. And then I saw little one dancing away. Today he is the strongest and healthiest boy I have ever seen. Now I am pregnant with 2nd baby and have no symptoms except tiredness and peeing a lot

I 100% feel that way! I'm 12 weeks now but the entire pregnancy my symptoms have been very mild. Just breast pain, tiredness, and cravings. But my 8 week scan showed a healthy strong baby so I'm hoping my mext scan continues the same! The best thing I've done is just try my best not to worry. It's shown that women with less symptoms tend to have more anxiety but as long as there are no 'bad signs', you're all good mama😊❤️

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