E. coli during pregnancy?

Has anyone had E. coli whilst pregnant? Im feeling very worried about how this could affect my baby as I’m 18 weeks pregnant. I had an appointment two weeks ago where i did a urine test and the midwife said she’d send it off to the lab for further testing as it was abnormal. This morning I got a letter through the post that said I have E. coli and to bring the letter to my GP so they can give me a prescription. I haven’t had any noticeable symptoms besides some cramping, fatigue and nausea but this has been the case throughout my entire pregnancy so far. I’m also very confused as to how I got it in the first place - I know you can it from meat/dairy but I’m vegan and very particular about keeping things clean. Would appreciate some reassurance from those who have had it and their babies haven’t been affected in any way. I made the mistake of googling it and now I feel very anxious!
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Definitely nothing to panic about! It lives in bowels and can cause uti (in fact, is the most common cause of uti). Untreated UTI can affect babies but not e coli itself. You're all good!! X

Literally nothing to panic about. Just take the antibiotic and the UTI will clear up like magic. I’ve had at least one in every pregnancy and I’ve also had it countless times while not pregnant. The e. Coli thing on there is a fancy way of saying “a micro particle of your own poop got into your pee hole”

So nothing to panic about? Phew! They should say that on the letter 😅 thank you!

I’ve had this a million times while pregnant and while not pregnant. It’s no big deal at all as long as you take the medication

I’d almost guarantee you based on the note and the medication you have a minor UTI caused by “e coli” meaning your own poop. This is so extremely common and pregnant women are more susceptible to it.

I haven't had e.coli, but you can get it from a lot of vegetables, especially ones grown close to the ground and can be hard to clean fully like lettuce, and bean sprouts. If you've had it for this long with no major symptoms or complications I'd think after taking the medication for it you'll be just fine.

Do you have a UTI with E. Coli (your own poop) as the culprit? That’s extremely common. When you say you did a urine test, that’s where my mind goes. Or do you actually have E. Coli? Almost all cases of E. Coli come from eating contaminated vegetables. Either way you’ll likely be fine if it’s been caught and you’re being treated

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