Can’t believe we have teeth at 15 weeks! Anyone else ?
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My 15 week old is teething I can feel it coming though! Xx

Aw how exciting! My LG is 16 weeks and is teething like crazy, can see them but not broken through. Hopefully soon! You can get wipes for babies teeth as ovb not ideal to try brush them 😂

@Stefanie hes being grumpy and fussy but hoping teething gel work the trick x

We’ve got teeth at 13 weeks!

@Aimee aw hope it doesn’t cause him too much bother, might come through soon x

Yes! My little one is 14 weeks old and has both bottom ones!x

@Stefanie i think i can feel one at the top He wont let me look in his mouth 😂

@Aimee took me ages to get a good look! I could feel them though, took about a week to pop through x

He’s bloody cute 🥰🩵

I think my boy is teething but i cant see anything yet! Hes 14 weeks! X

Just commenting to say what a cutiee

Wow, very advanced👏🏾

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