Baby girl names!

Hope everyone is doing well in sha Allah. Baby girl is expecting to arrive in March 2024 and I am stumped for names. I love the traditional names like Mehrunissa or Noor-ul-ain, just wondering if there are more with good meanings too. Thank you!
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@Zenab thank you!!

@Yasmina a very beautiful name!

@Ayesha most likely her fathers name, Atif :)

Zeb-un-Nissa, Zeenat, Jahanara, Fakhr-Un-Nissa, Jahanzeb , I think this is in theme of what you’re looking for! If these are the type of names you like and want to look for others, try searching names from the Mughal Empire era xx

Amina is beautiful

I’m also due in march

What will baby’s last name be?

Hidaya 🥰

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