Awful nursery drop off tips

Hey, my LG goes to nursery 2 days a week and has been going for 3 weeks now. She cried hysterically whenever I leave her, it’s so heartbreaking. I never know whether to linger around or just say bye bye and leave. She seems to have a good day which is reassuring. Do you sit and try and console your little one? I feel like she’s gets more upset. But I feel awful giving her a hug and kiss and running out the door. I dunno what to do ☹️
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My boy also cries when I pass him over at the door but I've always been told to hand over and run! Otherwise it does drag it out longer for them and makes it harder. I would stay super smiley and happy when you leave him with lots of waving and ill see you later! And then that way he won't associate being departed from you as a negative thing eventually. I've also started saying we're going to nursery today yay! As we're getting out the car and walking upto the door and make it all sound exciting even if I'm sad he's going! X

It is really horrible, I have definitely cried myself when I’ve gotten in the car! But I know that he settles quickly and has a good day, and the staff assure me that it’s normal and loads of the little ones do the same! It’s developmental normal for them to protest at separation ❤️

Thank you so much everyone! It’s actually reassured me that my ‘goodbye kiss and run’ seems to be the best way. I did linger a little today and she was becoming more upset. I pick her up and she’s just happy to see me all smiling and no tears. Just heartbreaking driving to work & leaving her in tears ☹️ nice to hear that some of your LO’s no longer do that now!! X

Hand over and run! Don’t drag it out, it only makes it worse for everyone

We’ve been only for a week but I noticed it makes a difference when I put baby on the floor with the other kids and toys immediately instead of keeping her in my arms any longer. She wants me to stay but also has massive fomo, so she protests a few seconds then gets busy quickly with her stuff.

I give her a kiss and run out the door. We do 3 days a week. After week 4 or 5 she doesn’t cry at all now and doesn’t even put her bottom lip out. Just waves and off she goes. You feel like the mean mummy but I call it her amateur dramatics cos I KNOW she’s fine when I’m gone - for us me lingering would just make it last longer but still the same outcome. She’s definitely now realising that I DO come back and she DOES have fun when there. We had last week off sick and she was STILL fine at drop off today, so I think it does kick in even though it’s not emotionally heart wrenching when it happens!

It’s separation anxiety and as awful as it sounds you just need to give them a quick kiss and go. It sounds like she has a good day there so lingering will just make thing worse.

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