Not sucking on the teat properly

My 3 week old girl doesn’t seem to put her lips around the teat properly and is making a sucking noise when drinking. I’ve tried all sorts! Tried changing the teat, changing how I put the bottle in her mouth, tried moving her lips down when she’s sucking but nothing is working. Any tips?! ☹️ I guess her lips should be around the teat.
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Checked and she don’t have tongue tie/ she’s not been well. She’s been a lot better taking the bottles now. X

@Chloe it might be a tongue tie have you tried checking xx

@Emily that’s helpful Thankyou x

@Mia Lewis yea I sit her up slightly x

Have you checked for a tongue tie my baby boy is the same and he’s tongue tied x

My daughter used to do this until I tried sitting her up in my arms not in the laying down position I hope this helps xx

@Emily what do I do for that? X

Try looking at paced bottle feeding, it helped us massively with sucking and guzzling x

Mine sucks like that!! But she guzzles the bottle still xx

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