Six week weigh in

Had my little girls weigh in yesterday. She was in the 25th percentile range three weeks ago and now she’s dropped down to the 9th. She eats 5 oz 6-7 times a day. I’m devastated. She has to go back in two weeks. If she remains in the 9th percentile then they won’t be worried. But they didn’t tell me what the plan was if she falls a percentile range again. Has this happened to anyone or does anyone have any idea what they’ll do?
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We found out Rex had the allergy as he had a rash on his cheeks that got continually worse. Does your daughter have any symptoms? Always worth getting her checked out x

@Ruth I’m getting increasingly worried that my girl has a milk allergy. My fear comes from the fact she also has a genetic condition where she can’t process soya. So it would leave me with no formula options.

I’ve had this issue. Please remember that every child is different and this is just my story!! So when Rex was born he was 6lb 7, on the 25th centile, he has gained weight every weighing even the first one (where they normally lose)! He started to drop down centiles, still gaining weight just not what the HVs wanted him too. We found out he has a cows milk allergy and he’s been on not 1 not 2 not even 3 but 4 different formulas, thickening agents too. He’s slowly going back up the centiles now. He is happy and healthy and it really worried me at first, the HVs made me feel like shit. Myself and mu husband brought our own scales as the scales they use look older than me!! I tested them too with a bag of sugar! We go for weekly weigh ins and no one has actually ever physically examined him. We have an appointment with a paediatrician on Friday and if they say everything is ok the Hvs can bugger off!! The point of this rant is that you know your child best, try not to worry xx

@Rachel that makes me feel reassured. She’s doing really well, very happy and meeting milestones very quickly so I’m not too concerned there. Hopefully she’ll progress well.

My LO is 16weeks, he dropped 2 centiles from the 25th, we have another weighing appointment in 2 weeks (3 from last weighing) and if he's not gained sufficiently then we'll be going on a feeding plan to add in 2 more feeds a day, he's exclusively breastfed. He is happy in himself and is meeting his milestones, the HV didn't seem worried they said that he could have just had a growth spurt and some of his weight could have gone to that, also that he might just be finding his line, so we'll see soon. Hopefully, he's gaining 🤞and hopefully your little girl is doing well

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