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Hello.. Does anyone know what to do about informing GP/midwife team I am pregnant. I sent an online form through this morning for the GP but not sure if I need to contact a midwife team directly too. My little boy is nearly 2, so this isn’t my first baby but I honestly can’t remember what I did when I found out I was pregnant the first time.
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Yes, got that email! Thank you.. just didn’t want to miss any other notifications :)

You won't get a login until your first appointment with the midwife. They'll send you a letter or call you and arrange this appointment for around week 8/9 and it'll likely be at your GP. If you don't hear anything and you worry you can call the hospital Antenatal switch board to check they have your referral X

@Ali hello, when using badger notes do I get a reply on the app or email? I don’t have a log in for the app and don’t want to miss anything x

Thank you :)

You need to self refer via badger notes,app%20or%20from%20your%20GP.

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