UTI - no symptoms

My doctor just called. The urine sample I did at my booking apt a fortnight ago has flagged an E-coli UTI. I have no symptoms as such (discharge is white & looks like it’s normal pregnancy stuff, just lots of it), but now come to think of it, I’ve been really lethargic…but I just put that down to pregnancy. The doctor has prescribed a week of antibiotics. Has anyone else had this?
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The sample came back positive so you definitely have the UTI even with no symptoms x

@Katy I didn’t get one in my first pregnancy - I think I have had a UTI once before when I first got with my husband 🙄 - but not since! It just feels so odd because I am asymptomatic!! Feel right as rain, bar a lingering cold & slight lethargy! Xx

@Santa ahh such a good thought! Thank you! Will do! Xx

Thank you @Em - please could you let me know what you mean by ‘it’s definitely positive’? Xx

I did in my last pregnancy! Never had one before or since! So we’ll see if it happens again this pregnancy!

Don't forget to use probiotics and prebiotics while using antibiotics 🙌🥰

It’s a bacterial culture so it’s definitely positive. Just take the meds. X

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