How was your birth experience at Hopital de la Cite de la Santé ??

Hey y'all, I'm supposed to give birth at Cite de la santé in February and just wondering how everyone's experience was. What were the staff, facilities, aftercare like? Also what did they give you after ? Like did you get a peri bottle etc.. thanks 🥰🥰
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@Amanda oh I’m glad you had a better experience. The nurse I had didn’t believe me when I would tell her that I was in pain. The bathroom at labour and delivery was shared amongst all moms so sometimes I had to wait before I can use the bathroom and when you’re in labour, it’s not easy😅

@Shamin im so surprised to hear that. My first birth in april was at sacré coeur and besides the dr being in a emergency and having the surgery dr deliver it was a good experience. I had amazing nurses. I'm sry you didn't have a good experience. I cant imagine going through labor and delivery while not feeling comfortable with your medical team. Not sure about other hospitals but I liked that at sacre coeur you stay in the room where you deliver the baby and the baby doesn't leave your side for a second.

@Melanie yess they had many different types of birthing balls! They suggested many different positions. I didn’t like sacré cœur because the rooms were dirty and old, unorganized and my nurses were not friendly

Hi there, I've given birth there twice and absolutely loved my experience. Only hated one nurse during the first stay but she didn't stay with me long enough thankfully. The second stay, I wasn't a fan of the weekend staff but I was out within 36 hours! They are a seriously great team for labor and delivery and postpartum! Just to note, dad doesn't have a bed in postpartum ward. But they permit you to bring a cot that can fold away

Ok that's good to hear. That's cool about the bath. Do you remember if they had balls or birthing stools ? What was bad about your experience at Sacre coeur ??

I liked my stay at cité de la santé! I had a scheduled induction and they were ready for me when I got there. The nurses were very nice! Because this was my second delivery, I already had a peri bottle so I didn’t ask them for one. They have a bath if you wanted to use it during contractions. The labour and delivery room were a good size and the bathroom was clean! I’m also biased because my first baby was born at sacré cœur and it was a bad experience

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