Tax on maternity pay

Hey so i just had my payslip and i’m not being taxed i thought you still got taxed on maternity pay? confused does anyone know if this is right 😂😂
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As Caroline mentioned, it completely depends on your salary and what you've earned/ expected to earn april23-april24, taking into account so far and projections with stat pay... if anything calculates incorrectly, they should correct with the final calculation in April 24 x

It depends how much you've earned in the tax year. You might not have earned enough to get taxed yet.

I got tax paid back on my payslip you won’t pay it because you don’t earn enough or what you have paid up till now will be calculated and it’ll be taken out of that

I've had tax paid back to me so I assume it's because I paid tax when I was working but now won't meet the threshold because of maternity 🤷

I was under the impression you don’t get taxed as you won’t hit the threshold to pay tax and then any tax you did pay up until maternity you will get back next year x

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