No speech

Hello My little boy is almost 14 months and says no words and doesn’t really babble he will moan and shriek but that is really it. He can walk so always put it down to him trying to learn that first but he has been walking for two months and no further with talking. We read constantly which he loves and have miss Rachel on etc but not sure what else to do. Health visitor have said if not speaking by Jan we will reassess
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When we had our 1 year review they acted like he was really behind with not saying anything so now it’s got my concerned whereas before I was very much like he will do it when he is ready as with everything! Maybe I’ll see what they say in January but reassuring to know it’s not that unusual 😂

We get groans and screeching lol bt weirdly a know what he's screeching at everytime he does it, hes asking for something or giving me something 🤣xx

I wouldn't be worried, it's very early for any real talking. My little boy is 14 months and does understand what we say, can point and make noises when he wants something but no speech. Definitely not concerned lol

Are they supposed to at 14 months?!?

My 14 month old not saying words and I’m not really worried. Just mama and dada sometimes!

My boy is almost 15 months, nothing from him. Lots of shouting and understands what we say but no words! It will come when they are ready xx

My little boy is almost 15 months and he’s the same. Not one word so far. He babbles a lot, points at everything, and is walking, it’s just his speech he’s not bothered about. I’ve read a lot of people say their little ones were the same so I’m hoping it all comes together for him soon!

It can all come together. My middle boy had no speech till 16 months then talking in full sentences by the age of 2.

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