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So I’m seeing a lot of you post about the HV coming round to check on baby, and I remember around the 9 month mark everyone was talking about some booklet we are meant to receive to check baby’s progress. I haven’t received any of these things, the last time any HV was in touch with me was when baby was still a newborn or had her last vaccinations. We haven’t had a check up since she was around 4 months I think and that was at the GP, HV didn’t come round. (I have taken her to the gp since for other things like rash etc) but not just for general checkups. I haven’t heard anything about a HV coming around now to visit either, I’m just wondering if I didn’t get this booklet everyone got am I also not going to get a visit? I’m not worried about baby’s development, she’s extremely smart and has been walking independently since 9 months, she eats and drinks well, she’s speaking afew words. If anything I’m upset because I want her to slow down and remain a baby but she’s already acting like a toddler. I’m just concerned that I haven’t come across anyone else who is also not being checked on / being given booklets to make sure their baby is fine. Has anybody else also not got the booklet/checklist and not heard anything about a visit ?
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Thanks so much ladies!! @Anya @Cara L @Vicky @Sam @Abbie I’ll give them a ring in the morning and see what’s going on. Appreciate the help ❤️❤️❤️

I didn’t get a booklet or questionnaire that everyone is talking about. I asked my HV about this (the did phone me to book the appt in) and they said they don’t give it out before hand now, as they were finding people weren’t turning up to the appointments due to filling it in before hand and not bothering seeing someone. Give your HV service a call to get booked in x

I got rung by HV to book an appointment a week before the visit, no questionnaire or booklet to fill in or letter to tell me they are coming. Appointment is on Thursday x

We had ours at 10.5 months, was sent an appointment letter in the post with a questionnaire to fill out about their development and then the appointment was at a local children's centre. I'd give your local HV a call to see how it usually works in your area and when to expect the appointment.

It can happen anytime before their one so it might be coming but I would ring them to check

Might be worth just ringing up to double check things aren’t different in your area though, of course! Xx

Hiya! I’ve been on the phone to the health visitor this morning for the exact same thing! Just making sure I haven’t missed an appointment or letter or something! I’ve had no problems with his development whatsoever. Now the one year mark is approaching I thought I’d check in and see. She said they won’t schedule a check again until he’s 15 months (our last visit was 5 months ish)! She also said nothing about questionnaires or booklets!

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