Are you quiet while baby is napping?

Everything I read prebaby was just do what you would normally do while they nap, but my god after spending an hour getting her to sleep on her own, I am just creeping around or sitting in complete silence haha!
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We have a toddler so can’t be quiet but we do try to use white noise to block out as much as we can… started off sleeping easily in a lot of noise and has progressively become more sensitive to sounds even though we changed nothing! I think it’s all down to their own temperament if I’m honest x

Yes and tbh I regret it he’s now use to silence so any noise he wakes up 😫

I carry on as normal volume wise. Otherwise she’ll wake whenever there’s noise and I can’t be doing with that. Babies usually sleep better with noise. Moving however 😂

I feel you 😂😂. I always said I wouldn’t be silent while my LB sleeps but sometimes I don’t dare move 😂 let alone speak as I know me speaking wakes him up. Anyone else he’s fine with. I do try and have TV on while getting him to sleep on what I want to watch but just low. X

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