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My son has has one Teddy but I'd like him to have more. Any suggestions on what other types of toy things I can get him? He cuddles it and gives it hugs and kisses.
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My daughter has a big Paddington bear, care bear, bunnies, lamb, chicks, santa, reindeer, 3 small minions, hedgehog (she stole it from the dog haha), 2 soft dolls but she hardly plays with these, kevin the carrot, teddy bears, elephants, camel, and a singing elephant. She loves cuddling them and giving them kisses, she talks and sings with them. We are getting her a kitchen with some saucepans and wooden food, and a baby annabel with bottle and clothes. She has a toy dyson. She has some cleaning cloths which I gave her a while ago because she started copying me with the cleaning, and she loves holding the little stick duster and going around the house dusting everything haha x

My son loves his blanket (we tied a knot do that he could hold it), he also love his soft bear, goat and a new member elephant.

My daughter has a kitchen, doll, teddies and she’s getting cleaning stuff (vacuum, mop etc) for Christmas.

My son loves teddies, he's got lots of different animals and he does the sounds they make so for example he's got a dog, a dinosaur, an elephant etc.. he also has a baby doll with a little bottle which he loves to rock and feed the bottle to

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