Anxiety when leaving home

I’m 9+1 and lately I have noticed that I have been feeling really anxious and nauseous when I leave home. Like I’m fine when at home. But the minute I get into an Uber or go to a supermarket. It’s like I’m riddled with nausea and anxiety. Help. Anyone else struggling with this or something similar?
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@Lizzi thanks so much girl 😩❤️

I did, but I couldn’t put a name to it! Thanks for that. I will look into it and speak to midwife when I see them on Thursday

I feel that way when leaving the house even before my pregnancy, but I have agoraphobia. Did you struggle with any anxiety before pregnancy? I have it chronically I've been agoraphobic for 4 years and I can say that my anxiety issues have worsened SO MUCH with pregnancy. So could be the same for you? Hormones just making it a bit worse but it will calm down 🩷

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