Breast feeding and introducing formula

I’m just looking for a bit of advice if anyone has experience with this. My little boy is currently going through the 4 month sleep regression and is feeding like crazy! I’m really struggling with being able to pump alongside the amount that he’s feeding and really relied on pumped bottle feeds beforehand to give me a break from some of the night feeds. I have been considering introducing a bottle or two of formula for the time being until he settles with the feeds again - what would be my pros and cons? He is my first baby so I have zero experience with formula feeding!
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Pour your hot water 60ml in your bottle, put your formula in which is prepared. Shake your bottle, add your preprepared 90ml cool water from your sterifeed bottle. Done!!! So quick and easy and sterile xxxx

Pros: you can actually enjoy leaving the house and can get a good 2-3 hours without a melt down…perfect for baby classes or getting out and about. You can use formula when you’re out which makes some situations a lot easier. Other people can feed your baby so you can get a break. They get vit D amongst other fortified ingredients you may not have in breast milk. You get more flexibility. You can slowly wean off breast as and when you want to. Cons: you have to learn to prep a bottle (I’ll Leave my hack at the end) You have to sterilise more. You may get engorgement at first but it disappears within a couple of days (literally so quick) supply and demand. You have to buy formula. Those are my only cons I can think of! 😂 So hack for bottles….I offer 5 ounces. Prep your powder in a pot ( I have the mam one with 3 compartments or the tomee tippee ones for 1 feed at a time which I keep a couple in my nappy bag), a coolie flask for hot water. And sterifeed bottles for cooled boiled water

I’ve combi fed with 1 bottle of formula since 6 weeks. I was so hesitant because of the pressure that comes with breast feeding but honestly best thing I did. He is now up to 3 bottles of forumula a day and has breast milk in between each bottle and also on a night time. I defo think it’s best of both worlds to be honest. He prefers breast milk especially if he’s tired. But he formula keeps him fuller for alot longer and he’s been much happier since introducing it. He’s still getting plenty of breast milk I would say probably 70/40 breast to formula as much as you can guess as all his poos are just like breast milk poos! No tummy issues at all. We use mam anti colic bottles and use kendamil organic. He loves his Boccys 😊 go for it. You’ve nothing to lose just plenty of flexibility to gain 😘 xxx

Mines combi fed, he stays at my mums once a week and has done since he was probably about a month and a half old. He has formula there, we’ve tried 4 different bottles and it’s MAM bottles size 2 teet he likes, with powdered SMA formula. He’s about 4 months old as well BUT even on formula he wakes every 2-3 hours for a feed Also, if you stop feeding or pumping in the night your supply may drop as this is when your body determines how much milk is needed the next day so even the nights my boy is at my mums, I have to wake to pump as if he was here anyway otherwise my supply is all messed up. Barely anyone mentions that bit so just something to think about!! Hope it gets easier for you, remember every baby is different 🫶🏼

@Kaya no issues so far! He definitely still prefers to breastfeed, but prefers formula from a bottle rather than my milk defrosted! These fussy babies 😅

@Emily oh amazing! That was another worry of mine as he had a sensitive stomach when he was a newborn and I had to go dairy free for a while - I’ll definitely introduce slowly, did you find any issues with your LO taking breast milk after having the formula?

I recently introduced a little formula alongside breastfeeding, to get my LB more confident on the bottle. I am using Hipp and he seems to like it. It does digest at a different rate so depending on how sensitive your little ones tummy is, you may want to do it very gradually. I am only giving about 4oz of formula a day and my boys been fine with it, no discomfort from what I have noticed

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