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So I had my 2 hour glucose tolerance test at 28 weeks and my results came back completely normal. I have a high BMI so I know I'm more at risk of it but when I went to my growth scan the midwife told me that even though I'd passed it fine they might test me again a couple of times later in my pregnancy. I just found this a little odd as my baby was measuring on the 55th percentile so pretty normal considering I'm a bigger girl so I'm not sure why she mentioned this? Has anyone else been told this or is this common practice even if you pass the test fine? Think I'm just feeling a little paranoid cause I've had a few negative experiences being bigger during my pregnancy and it's hard not to read some of their behaviours as almost a bit off because im fat and have all my tests be fine and I'm not fitting all the negatives they seem to expect from my weight 😅 just hoping someone else has been told this so I can stop getting in my head about it!
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How bizarre I know this isn’t helpful aha I had mine and was all fine but wasn’t told I’d have to be tested again! I’ve got a high BMI as well 36.1. Maybe they just want to double check. X

Yeah it's so odd! Obviously don't mind double checking if there's a genuine reason to but she didn't really say why 🤔 was just hoping maybe someone else had experienced a similar thing and maybe been given a reason as to why 😅. X

@Emma yeah see that would be logical but cause my baby is measuring okay and ive not got a family history of diabetes it just seemed odd! Might have to speak to my midwife on my next appointment and see if there's something in my notes that's making it more likely that I need another test! X

Sorry I don’t have anything to say on this other than I hope you get the answers you want, however how long did it take for your results to come back? I’m still waiting on mine and not sure if to chase this up x

@maisey Benson I had mine done on the Friday morning and got my results around 11 on Monday morning 😊 the midwife who did mine said it's best to call in if you haven't heard because sometimes they forget to update your notes! X

@Emma did you pass the second. Im currently having to be tested again because little one has a big belly x

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