I’ve been really struggling with my anxiety since pregnancy, and not just to do with the pregnancy but everyday life I just have a constant worry going on in my head. Is anyone else experiencing the same? Not too sure how to calm myself down as I know stress isn’t good!
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@Ceren omg I’m the same with feeling my heartbeat! I’ll be laid in bed and feel it pounding!

I’ve been really anxious too. Not for any specific reason. I think the hormones are doing something to me physically because I don’t have racing thoughts but I’m very aware of my heart beat

I feel the same! I’m not having a single symptom (aside from sore boobs) I did have cramping and bloating but that’s gone now. Just hate not knowing what’s going on. Have an early scan booked for next Friday but I’m terrified and also excited. Basically I can’t win! X

Thank you so much for this post, my anxiety is through the roof tbh. I have panic attacks and trouble sleeping now that hormones have kicked in. Everything is triggering me. I’ve decided to get support from the doctor and considering medication as my mental health is suffering big time. Really interested to hear what other coping mechanisms you guys have.

I am the exact same, I’m trying to let my body do its thing and trust it, but it’s so difficult especially because this is something I’ve always wanted x

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