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I just gave birth 2 days ago & I noticed my newborn won’t stop crying if he’s not being held or if he’s not sucking on my nipple. We figured out that he isn’t getting much milk from me as much as he wants to so we are supplementing with formula & I’ll be pumping when I get home from the hospital, but even when we feed him he’s still very fussy & keeps crying. He won’t take the pacifiers we have atm & so I ordered new ones in hopes of him sleeping. I’m so exhausted & feel drained. I’ve probably only slept a total of 3-4hrs since pushing him out & now that adrenaline has wore off, I’m starting to feel the tiredness.
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Has he made a bowel movement ?

We just held my son pretty constantly or I wore him in the sling, I know that’s not the most helpful answer but it does get better quickly

I believe that's normal. My son did the same. Change of hands helped. He is adjusting to the new environment and give him time .

The hospital told me the second night is when babies are most fussy and crying cause they’re shocked to be in the world without the comfort of the womb. It gets better

@Ela, that is entirely true, at least in my case. Omg if I didn't know better, I would think something was wrong. My mother-in-love was so insensitive about it. Saying he is hungry and am not producing milk this that and the third. It was just the simple fact that the baby boy was adjusting. Like that's just their way of communicating, my son was circumcise so I know that made him fussy too. But it did get better. He still cries/fuss ofc because that's what babies do. He is 11 days, and if she heard him over the phone, she starts with her unsolicited opinions on why he is crying, lol. Love on ur baby anything to help the crying until he develops a little feeding/ changing routine.

@Antoinette yes he’s actually been good in terms of how many wet & dirty diapers he needs to have, but I guess he’s just wanting to be held or want more milk & I’m just unable to produce a lot of colostrum🥲

@Kelly was it hard to put him down when you finally needed to get some sleep?

Not really, he was easy enough to transfer while asleep once I got the hang of it, and my husband figured it out a week or two after I did. We’d also take shifts. My husband is a night owl so he’d hold the baby while I went to bed at 7 pm, so I could at least get a little chunk uninterrupted. They grow out of it quickly, though I know it feels like forever when you’re in it. My son was always low sleep needs and woke a lot even through early toddlerhood but there turned out to be underlying health reasons, I’m glad we’ve always supported his sleep and comforted to the best of our ability. Also, remind yourself that it’s okay if he cries if you’re with him and comforting him and supporting him through it, either one of you. He is safe and loved and all 3 of you are doing your best.

@Kelly thank you🥺 I’m a ftm & I honestly felt so helpless & exhausted. I felt so bad that he was crying so much & nothing that my husband & I were doing was helping calm him down

At this age, baby only needs literally drops per each feeding. Their stomachs are the size of a marble. Just colostrum is enough until your milk comes in, which can take up to a week for some moms. I also don't recommend pumping this early on, as your supply isn't yet established and you could cause an oversupply for yourself which leads to a world full of other issues. Keep latching baby, at minimum 8-10x a day (every 2 hours). It's normal for them to want to be held also.

You’re doing a great job!! And we’re wired to be so so affected by our baby crying. Even if it’s not “fixed” he knows he’s so loved by you being there holding him through it. The world is so new and so different to them than the womb, and you’ll figure this out together. Feel free to DM me “pep talk” if you need a little support. I’m 39 weeks with my second right now!

It’s call second night syndrome! Look it up. It will pass. 💙💙💙

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