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My son (12 weeks) does pretty well at night, we’re usually up twice to feed. In between tho, he’s sometimes fussy from gas, or just generally awake. If he’s not screaming/crying, I usually just let him be and don’t sooth or pick him up. I can tell the different cry/sound when he’s hungry. Should I be tending to him more during these times? Or is it okay to let him work it out. There’s not a ton I can do for gas, and he’ll fuss for 5-10 minutes, and I’ll hear a few big toots, and he quiets down. We’re working toward putting him in his nursery in a week or so, so I’d rather not need to be going to him for every noise, and want to be sure he can somewhat self-sooth - which he is.
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I do the same with my 11 week old! If she’s letting out a hunger cry/sound I tend to her, but if she’s just making coos I’ll let her sooth herself. You’re not a bad mom!! You’re doing amazing ✨

Hi I do the same!!! If baby can soothe themselves back to sleep, then she doesn't need me if my thoughts process. You need your sleep too!

I do the same thing with my 8 week old. Sometimes I will offer her pacifier because I know it helps but you’re definitely not a bad mom

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