New whip

Got ourselves a new buggy 😊 took her for a spin this morning 🌅 I was very excited about it 🤣what a sad little life I have 🙈
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@Helen it’s fabulous! So light for getting up and down kerbs, my littlest one also naps in it for ages too compared to his cot. The suspension is class too I ran down a rocky lane with my phone only balanced on the hood and it didn’t fall off! It’s so handy that it folds down into one and you can remove the front wheel for extra room when storing. I got mine second hand but I would say it’s defo worth the full price if you go for brand new xx

Do you like the double nipper? I am looking at it now since number two is on the way and seen it can be used from birth! Would love to hear your thoughts!

@Sham Awh i know what you mean! It’s currently in the garage, I got it given to me from another family who didn’t need it anymore so planning to pass it on as it’s still good condition. I also have a silver cross clic which I’m going to keep just incase I’m only with one baby for some reason x

What are you doing with yout original buggy? I'm not willing to let go of mine yet

@Bella it’s the out n about double nipper 😊

@Caz glad I’m not sad haha

It’s actually a whip😂😂😂😂😂,what buggy is that xx

Not sad at all! I cant wait to break out the Donkey when no.2 arrives soon 😁🥰

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